Finding federal grants for your department can sometimes be a tricky task. You may not be sure where to begin and you don't want to waste time looking for grants that aren't going to fit your specific need. Whether it's for your fire department, police department, EMS, health care or security agency, Waveband Communications has you covered for your federal grant funding.

Here are some great sources for you to get funding for your industry today. 

Fire Department Grants

There are a lot of expenses that go into running a fire department. Training and equipment can cost a lot and some areas are left with little funds. Our volunteer fire departments are essential to our community and we want them to be adequately prepared with new technology and adequate equipment.

Below you can find necessary funding with grants made available for fire departments and their personnel:

Law Enforcement Grants

Police are reliant on the best equipment and communication devices but sometimes after distributing funds, many areas fall short.

Below are some government grant options made available to police departments for not only radios and two way accessories but more products police depend on daily to communicate with others:

EMS Grants

Emergency Medical Services are important to our community and having adequate funding to stay on top of new life-saving technologies is as equally important. EMS agencies require many expenses on equipment, training and more. We understand that finding grants can be tricky and the research can be time-consuming.

Below are some grants made available for EMS personnel:

Health Care Grants

Grants can help cover medical costs, programs, and equipment needed to have a fully functioning hospital or medical center. When you think of hospitals, two-way radios may not come to mind but they can be a beneficial part of the overall communication in a hospital. Think about it. There are a lot of nurses, doctors, and staff that may need to communicate fast in an emergency. Two-way radios can be an efficient way to get the point across and get help quickly.

The funds below are available for areas of healthcare and can help with the many costs associated with hospitals:

Security Grants

Whether it's port security or a small security guard firm, finding funds for your company is a must. Public schools now are ensuring the safety of students with more security.

Below are some possible grants that cover different aspects of security so you can find the best one:


Port Security

Other Security Grants