Kenwood Battery Resource Page

Below, find specification sheets of all our Kenwood compatible batteries included in our extensive collection of two-way radio accessories. 

Our Kenwood Battery Collection Features:

  • Top Matched Japanese Cells
  • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Warranty of 2 Years

To find your specification sheet, find the part number on the list below and click on 'Download Specification Sheet'.

Part # Specifications Compatible Models Warranty Photo
WMKNB-31 Download Spec Sheet Kenwood TK3180/2180 24 Months Replacement Battery for Kenwood 1900 MAH Ni-Cd Battery
WMKNB-32 Download Spec Sheet

Kenwood NX210/210G/410/411

Kenwood TK2180/3180/5210/ 5210G/5310/5310G/ 5410

24 Months 2400 Mah High Capacity Ni-MH Battery for Kenwood
WV-M57374LI Download Spec Sheet Kenwood VP400/VP600/VP900 24 Months Kenwood VP900 Battery 
WMCKNB-15A Download Spec Sheet Kenwood TK260/270/272G/360/370/372/373 24 Months Kenwood KNB-21 Compatible High Capacity Battery for TK Series Radios
WVI-XKNB43LIP Download Spec Sheet

Kenwood NX210/210G/410/411

Kenwood TK2140/2160/2170/2360/3140/3160/3170/3173/3360

24 Months 1400 Mah High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery for Kenwood TK-5310 Portable
WV-MXKNB57LIP Download Spec  Sheet

Kenwood NX220/320/3220/   3320

Kenwood TK2140/2160/2170/ 2360/3140/3160/ 3170/3173/3360

24 Months 3500 MAH Lithium Polymer Battery for Kenwood NX Series
WVX-KNB40LIS Download Spec Sheet

Kenwood NX220/320/420/3200/3220/3300/3320

Kenwood TK2140/2160/2170/ 2360/3140/3160/3170/3173/3360

24 Months 1900 Mah Intrinsically Safe Rated Battery for Kenwood